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Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluoropolymer & Teflon-Like Coatings

Precision Coatings
Fluoropolymer NS™ (Nano-Surface) (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Machined Components
Needles, probes, sensors, nozzles and orifices (medical, industrial and biotech.) Micromechanical Systems/ MEMS; Stiction. Low temperature process allows coating of all materials without surface damage. Excellent results coating stainless steel, brass, reduced cell adhesion in nickel- titanium (shape memory alloy). Precision vapor deposition process allows coating of tight tolerances without clogging or bridging, with no damage to the substrate.
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Fluoropolymer xR
Fluoropolymer xR™ (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Ceramics
Nano-Layer Plasma Surface Enhancement for Ceramics (aluminum oxide and others) for greatly improved surface properties. Enhanced hydrophobic properties with zero dimensional change. Sealing of micro-voids in surface of close tolerance machined ceramics using nano-layer coating. Gives a low surface energy finish to ceramics. Improved friction and wear, reduced sticking and improved release.
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NanoTEC™-E (NEW)
Plasma Vapor PTFE Fluorpolymer & Teflon-like Precision Coatings for Elastomers
Nano-Layer Fluoropolymer Surface Enhancement for Silicone & Polyurethane Elastomers. Teflon-like surface; reduced tackiness; smooth, slick surface and improved material performance.

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Precision Gold Metalizing
Precision Gold Coating, Medical Coating, PVD Coating, Gold Plating, DC Magnetron, Sputtering, Vacuum Plating, Thin Films
Precision Gold Coatings. PVD vapor deposition of Gold and precious metal coating for polymers, metals, and ceramics, using DC Magnetron Sputtering. 99.99% High Purity metals. Conductive Coatings, Medical Device Coating, Precision Pattern Metalizing, High Purity, High Vacuum Processing using state of the art cryo-pumped PVD systems. Superior adhesion and coating precision as compared to competitive methods. Super- Tight Tolerances. PVD Sputter Coating. Radiopaque Marker Bands. Gold Coating, Silver Coating, Platinum Coating, Palladium Coating; All Precious Metal Coatings.... Au, Pt, Pd, Ir, Ag. Additional metals including Copper, Nickel, Titanium. We are happy to make your request.....our next project.

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